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Marketing Tips For DJ's & Producers?
Author: buy DJ gear

Ready to do business but no business wanting you? Follow these easy marketing tips to attract new clients and keep them.

1. Send A Contract.
When you send out your contract, always include a self-addressed stamped envelope. This will reduce the chances of the client not mailing you back with a deposit.

2. Thank You & Compliments Notes.
After you have completed business with the client, maintain a good relationship by sending them a compliments note saying thank you. This will stick in their mind and help them remember the experience they had with you, and with increased chances of them becoming a returning client.

3. Congratulations Card.
If you do business for significant events, e.g. weddings, birthdays, launch parties, give the client a congratulations card. They will come across your card and feel that their experience with you was on a personal level in addition to business circumstances.

4. Anniversary Card.
To make clients remember you is to send them an anniversary card the following year to remind them. With this positive contact, this will surely stand out and most likely they will recommend you to friends and family.

5. Website address.
Today having a website is a valuable method of advertising. Get a well designed website that doesn't look cheap, remember this is where you are promoting yourself. If you already have a website, consider a custom web address instead of By having a web domain that is your name, will be easier for the clients to remember and it looks more professional too! Having a great website is something that many people have and they are very affordable. For a free no-obligation quote contact Funky Media and quote Ref FM101 to become elegible for a 15% discount on the quote.

What Turntables Should I Use?
Author: buy DJ gear

The standard club DJ equipment consists of the Technics SL1200 and SL1210 turntables. These turntables use direct drive electromagnets to rotate the platter. Direct drive turntables offer better a performance than belt drive because the drive is more powerful thus making beat mixing easier.
If you are just starting out, it is advised that you buy the best direct drive turntables you can afford and buy a cheap mixer. From this point, you just need to master the turntables as you can expect them to provide years of reliability and you won't need to upgrade them.

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