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Welcome To buyDJgear

The Definitive Resource & Directory For DJ's & Pro Audio Enthusiasts!

Online Mixing Console

We are proud to announce that our online mixing console has now arrived for the buyDJgear members! To find out more and get spinning on those virtual decks, click here.


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Ravers Manifesto

A superb piece of work from Nikki who has been a buyDJgear member since we were born. We would like to thank her for this contribution. To read the 'Ravers Manifesto' click here and to leave comments or thoughts leave a message here.

DJ Collapses After 79 Hour Set

Mr Maverick Teh, 35, had been spinning discs non-stop when he collapsed at The Rooftop nightclub in Sungei Wang Plaza. He tried to beat the world record for spinning a single non-stop set for 80 hours. He collapsed and was rushed to the hospital in Kuala Lumpur an hour before his target.

He fainted after spinning discs for 79 hours and 5 minutes. Under the rules laid down by Guinness World Records, he had been allowed only a 15 minute bathroom break every eight hours and a space of no more than 10 seconds between tracks.

During his more than three days of standing up - spinning a mix of vinyl records and digital techno, house and chill-out tracks - Mr Teh had survived mainly on coffee and honey.

Before fainting yesterday, Mr Teh had told the BBC that he was feeling extremely tired, but was still planning to listen to techno once he finished the marathon gig and went home to bed.

DJ / Producer Directory

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